Time and technology have evolved and also are the way we do business. Now we can start our business and run it within the comfort of our homes, on our mobile and computer. If anything the ongoing circumstances have shown us in terms of employment and business is that we can also work from home; While everything has changed, one thing has stayed the same when it comes to building your business, i.e., Marketing.

Marketing is still and will always be important even after all the advancements in the industry, but now we do it digitally than in traditional ways. Although we may think, the way people shop and buy has changed, but something has also changed about the way brands do marketing, which means offline marketing isn’t as productive as it once was. Marketing has always been about the way one connects with its audience. This means you need to engage with them where they spend most of their time: the Internet.

Digital marketing is marketing your company online, and it is a huge deal nowadays. Internet usage has more than doubled over the past decade, and this revolution has changed how people buy products and interact with brands.

There are two kinds of businesses when it comes to digital marketing. One is a business that does it simply because they think ‘they have to’ to keep pace, and the other is a ‘socially smart’ business that does it because they truly understand the value of social media marketing and audience engagement. Social media is the foundation of current marketing strategies, despite the organization’s volume, age, market position, and resources. A business that can properly use social and all it has to offer will receive the benefits of increased customer engagement and financial gain.

Some businesses still question whether digital marketing is necessary for all businesses irrespective of its volume and budget, or it’s only for businesses with unlimited spending power. The answer is yes, it is for all businesses. Digital marketing is one of the biggest weapons when it comes to getting in the competition of brand building. Nevertheless, one must use it effectively to draw customers by targeting the right audience.

Simply put, digital marketing is marketing by promoting and selling products and services online using online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing.

Digital marketing is necessary for your business and brand recognition. Today every other brand has a website, and even if they don’t, they have a social media presence or digital marketing strategy. Good Content and a smart marketing strategy are so essential because it is a way for customers to learn about your brand, products, and services.

Your mind is crowded with questions while promoting your brand on social media like – what if your goal isn’t exciting enough, and what if your content isn’t about something that’s trending right now? What do you do now? You don’t have to worry but you must have a clear understanding of how to work on social media.

In short, to compete as a business owner on social media, you’ll need to adopt some methods of digital marketing. Digital marketing has endless opportunities and strategies that come with it. You can get creative and explore a variety of marketing tactics on your budget. You can also use tools like google analytics to observe the success and Return On Investment (ROI) of your ad campaign.

What are your Digital Marketing Assets?

Virtually anything can be your marketing asset. It just needs to be a marketing tool you use online. Many people don’t understand how many assets they have at their hands. You have assets like:

  • Your website, branded assets like logos,
  • Video content like video ads or product demos,
  • Written content like blog posts, product descriptions, testimonials
  • Social media pages


This list is just like scratching the cover. Smart marketers are continually coming up with new ideas to reach consumers online, so the list keeps growing!

Now that you have understood the power that you have in the form of your marketing assets, the next question that arises is where do you begin if you want to create a digital marketing strategy? It’s a common problem for many businesses nowadays because they know how important the digital platform is today for gaining and engaging customers; Still, they don’t have a plan to grow their brand and engage with their audiences effectively. If you don’t have a social media plan for your business, It will suffer and lose to digitally smart competitors.

Challenges of creating a digital marketing strategy

Many businesses still lack the understanding of the importance of creating a digital marketing plan to boost their online presence and expand their business. A common issue is where to start up your digital marketing plan. There is a concern that a bulky report will be needed, but It’s not the case at all. Your plan doesn’t need to be a huge report, your strategy can best be summed in a single sheet in a table connecting marketing strategies to SMART goals (that’s how we do it). We can help you in creating a digital plan and implement that plan quickly to gain success.
Another challenge that businesses face is the sheer range of digital marketing strategies. There are so many great digital marketing techniques ranging from search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and email marketing to improve the exposure of your business digitally.

At webiknows, we help your business grow by using our planning framework. We offer a more flexible digital marketing plan that will cover every aspect of consumer satisfaction. In each digital marketing method, there will be detailed steps that are important to succeed. Once you get the basics right in the marketing strategies, then you can get to the constant growth in the main aspects like search engine marketing, user experience, email marketing, and social media marketing.

So, the good news is that there are many reasons for creating a digital marketing strategy that you can use to influence your potential clients. The better news is we can help you out with it.

If this piece has influenced you that you need digital marketing or the need to step up your marketing game, let us know! Webiknows is known for its dedicated team, passion for delivering results, and creativity. We like helping companies grow with our digital marketing strategies.


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